About the Center


Funding from NSF, academia, industry

Industrial advisory board selects projects for funding

Faculty and students conduct research with industry participation

Value produced; experienced and employable student engineers, knowledge, methodologies, algorithms, software and hardware designs, process improvements and more.

Industry Advisory Board (IAB):

  • Made up of representatives from the Center’s member organizations
  • Minimum annual IAB membership fee is $75K

Role of the IAB:

  • Establish the Center’s research agenda, bylaws, research portfolio, technology roadmap
  • Select, monitor and mentor projects

Center Funding:

  • IAB membership fees fund only research
  • NSF funds 100% of administrative costs
  • Universities contribute by limiting overhead to 10% on membership fees

Research Outcomes: All members share resulting IP of projects from all universities


Industry Benefits/Why Participate?

Leveraged Research Dollars

  • Increased ROI when research is jointly funded by many companies
  • Cost-effective research: overhead is 10% of membership fee vs. typical university overhead of 55% to > 80% on industry funds
  • Access other NSF funding opportunities for interns, undergraduate funding, grand challenge proposal inclusion and more

Access to Research Results & IP

  • One standard, simple IP agreement
  • Influence project prioritization and selection via your votes and your priorities
  • Opportunity to form B2B relationships for joint technology development with other member companies and industry peers
  • Gain royalty-free, non-exclusive licenses on intellectual property produced in center

Access to Talent

  • Hands-on Workforce Development
  • Students are the most effective “technology transfer”
  • Hire trained and tested graduate students for summer internships (low-cost risk mitigation) and for future full-time employment
  • Gain early access to multi-university, cross-disciplinary research
  • Collaborate with faculty and graduate students in various technical disciplines
  • Participate in on-going research meetings, provide direction, give/get feedback